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Zeek From Home - Open Source Brewing - Alex Kirk
The home brewing and open source communities share many similarities. Established members of both communities actively seek to draw in new adherents to the cause, touting the awesome power of customizability inherent in an open process. Both communities use walkthroughs of known-good recipes to get beginners moving, and have active forums and events where experts in the craft can help troubleshoot the problems that arise as people of all skill levels apply the tools of the trade in the real world, and people of all skill levels can come together to make cool things happen. Taking existing recipes and modifying them to fit new tastes and techniques is encouraged, especially when the successes are contributed back to the community. This session will explore those similarities while walking through a brew of Zeek Porter - with helpful pointers for how to become more involved in the Zeek and Suricata communities along the way.

Alex Kirk is an open source security veteran, with over 15 years combined experience working with Snort/Suricata, Nessus, and Zeek. He has presented globally at security conferences on topics from "Malware Mythbusting" to "Is Zeek an IDS?", and currently works as Corelight's Global Principal for Suricata. His brewing style leans towards high-gravity styles, including an almost award-winning Tripel.

Sep 23, 2020 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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